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Established in 2010, MSSM Associates is an award-winning internationally progressive interdisciplinary design office with branches located in Cyprus, Indonesia, Lebanon and the UK.

Founded by four post-graduate students at the Architectural Association in London, MSSM Associates manifested into an innovative, multinational collaboration. The founders, Michel Moukarzel, Mohammed Makki, Revano Satria and Pavlos Schizas pride themselves in applying the most dynamic and innovative emergent technologies in all aspects of their designs, a modus operandi that has secured the team multiple international awards, and whose work and research has been published and presented in numerous international journals and conferences across a multitude of different platforms and institutions.

The team has been founded on the belief that nature is the ultimate inspiration for design; regardless of scale, the application of the laws that govern natural systems has proven instrumental in MSSM Associate’s unique and innovative multidisciplinary design solutions. An aspiration that the team endeavors to achieve without fail.

Working in constant unison with professionals of multiple disciplines allows MSSM Associates to comprehensively and efficiently transcribe concept to reality, providing solutions to a spectrum of challenges that range in form, application, function and scale.

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