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Christopher Zacharopoulos

Christopher has established himself as a successful architect and designer, driven by his high ambitions to continuously develop himself into a world leading architect. His creativity and passion for design made him fit seamlessly within the MSSM Associates team.

Christopher received his Bachelor Degree in Architectural Engineering at the Frederick University of Cyprus, where he developed the beginnings of his research into methods of the conservation and protection of cultural heritage in the Mediterranean region and throughout the world. His studies have been complimented by a professional journey throughout several European countries, such as Greece, Sweden and Cyprus. There, he has refined his architectural skills within an environment of multi-disciplinary offices, working on projects of different functions and scales.

Christopher has established himself as an integral part of the MSSM Associates team. He is currently an associate in the Cyprus branch of MSSM, leading the office on projects throughout the region, working closely with clients and developers to make the MSSM vision come to reality,

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