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Michel Moukarzel

Michel has been involved in various projects in Lebanon and the MENA region, resolving complex structural and architectural designs using cutting edge design techniques.

After graduating from the American University of Beirut (A.U.B.) in 2007 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, his passion for Architecture took him to the Architectural Association (A.A.) in London where he gained a Master of Architecture in Emergent Technologies and Design. Michel consulted for companies like Buro Happold, BDP and Zaha Hadid Architects on complex projects including the design and structural resolution of the Roofs for 3 IKEA Malls in China (Beijing, Wuxi, Wuhan). 

Michel's education equips him with the knowledge to handle both engineering and architectural issues, applying interdisciplinary methods and tools in a domain of synthesis, involving high-tech building components, ranging from building elements to space structures. During his experience he had to handle such structures and the problems that could arise from their adaptability to the environment, from the conception level to the final implementation, through steps involving analysis, design, scripting, testing, tuning, and detailing.

Michel is currently leading the 'Client Rep' branch of MSSM Associates, representing clients throughout the world and managing projects at various scales.

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