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An Evolutionary Model for Urban Development

MSSM Associate Mohammed Makki has published and presented his latest research on evolutionary computation and the development of urban tissues in this years 'International Seminar on Urban Form' held in Rome, Italy.

Publication Excerpt:

"In the context of the rapid growth of urbanized population as well as the effects of climate change and diminishing natural resources, the methodology by which cities are designed in the next 30 years is crucial to the success or failure of sustaining the growing numbers in the population. In this perspective, population based evolutionary algorithms, driven by biological evolutionary principles, excel over conventional problem solving strategies through their ability to optimize for multiple conflicting objectives, therefore generating multiple optimal solutions rather than a single optimized solution, allowing for a diverse solution set to a problem that has no clear single solution. To test this, a computational multi-parameter approach driven by an evolutionary model of development is implemented on an urban patch in the city of Barcelona."

Download Published Paper Here

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