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MSSM Associates featured in “15 Cerita Arsitek Muda”

Mssm Associate Revano Satria has been featured as one of Indonesia’s 15 emerging architects in the book “15 Cerita Arsitek Muda” published this year. The book showcases ‘The Revahouse’ project by MSSM Associates and chronicles the journey of Revano Satria’s career in the region.

Book Excerpt:

"The book tells the stories of 15 Young Indonesian Architects, shedding light on the processes and anxieties suffered by up and coming Indonesian talents. The book explores how they started their careers as architects through respective and diverse "paths" that have not been void of any struggles and difficulties. In addition, it also showcases the groundbreaking work that has transformed into reality the manifestation and crystallization of the long struggles they have faught to make their dreams a reality."

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