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Z-Line House receives the Platinum A' Design Award

We are ecstatic to announce that the Z-Line house, designed and constructed by MSSM Associates in Semarang Indonesia has received the Platinum A' Design Award. The house is one of the residential units in Indonesia to address the challenge in construction and design. The interplay between function, form, light, environmental performance, social response and local assimilation has transformed what is usually considered to be a mundane residential dwelling, to one that has pushed the boundaries of construction and design evolving into an architectural landmark that has become unique to the fabric of the city. The geometric exploration of the home’s morphology aimed to maximize the existing site’s potential, a series of calculated geometric and sculptural interventions on the facade exploits the tension between conflicting elements. On the other hand, the internal areas are designed to have a fluid transition between the spaces in both the horizontal as well as the vertical dimensions.

The award adds to MSSM Associates growing repository of internationally recognised projects, further demonstrating the team's commitment to continuously compete at an international stage! Well done MSSM team!!


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