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Antiphasis House Frenaros

The Antiphasis



Design Development


frenaros, cyprus

Located in the rural area of Frenaros in Cyprus, the house aims to break the industrial mundanity of the environment it is set within through a morphological intervention that aims to highlight the natural beauty of the rural setting that surrounds it.


The volumetric configuration articulates a U-shaped outdoor space in a southern orientation that takes advantage of Cyprus’s unique climatic conditions; where adequate solar gain is acquired in winter, yet - with the appropriate manipulations - shading and cool wind penetration is achieved during the summer months. Earthly and light-coloured materials are proposed, thus further enhancing solar reduction while simultaneously ‘blending’ the form with the surrounding environment.


Double height spaces in combination with controlled glazed surfaces, diffused or direct natural lighting, protrusions and sharp, confident lines, are some of the architectural elements used to create internal and external spaces that are both aesthetic and functional. The main volume which extends along the north-west longitudinal side of the plot, situates the communal facilities on the ground floor, while distributing the private spaces linearly along the upper volume, which rests – in a ‘floating’ like condition – above the ground floor volume.


Although the main entrance maintains a discreet character, once inside the house, large glazed facades ensure that the direct link between ‘inside and outside’ is highlighted and easily distinguishable. The aim is to achieve a sharp transition from the hospitable interior space to an inviting exterior space, equipping the user with calmness coupled with an ambience of zen through all stages and locales of the house; which lies in extreme contrast to the industrial and prosaic character that is dominant to the external environment. After all, this comes to be the greatest ‘Antiphasis’ of this project.

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