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The Biosteel



Under Construction


Riau district, indonesia

Biosteel headquarters is located in a region of Indonesia that is infamous with cultural roots that have been carried through the inhabitants of the region from generation to generation without interruption. The Riau Malay Society in the industrial Riau district celebrate their rich culture and heritage through their notorious and highly celebrated woven patterns, a technique and skill that has been inherited from ancestral generations to modern day. The Riau culture has exhibited their talents and craftsmanship predominantly through the intricate carvings of a diverse range of woods, metals, woven fabrics and elaborate webbings. Gaining inspiration from the natural processes of the region’s flora, the Malay culture embedded the beauty of nature within their craft, leaving a lasting impression on both the region as well as the people that inhabit it. 


It was this rich history and celebrated heritage that was the driving force of the design of the Biosteelproject. Incorporating a ‘carved’ pattern on the façade of the structure, synonymous with the Malay people’s metallic carvings of the past, ensured the structure paid homage to the region’s history while simultaneously ensuring a path to the future remained uninterrupted. In equal importance, it ensured the managerial headquarters for the corporation exhibited the forward thinking and global impact that has become essential for the industrial institutions of the 21stcentury. 

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