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Limasol Boutique Interior

The Boutique





Nicosia, Cyprus


Daniela Schiza

The project is built to constitute a retail attraction and landmark for the Limassol marina in Cyprus. Since the initial idea was that the store would offer to the visitor only highly selected products of unique brands (athletic, sports fashion, smart casual etc), this immediately entailed that the concept for the interior space had to be unique too.


With a large amount of people visiting Limassol marina throughout the year, the store should constitute a landmark for the entire complex; it should declare its uniqueness by its simplicity.


The main concept unfolds into three key elements: a) white is dominant throughout the entire space. It is critical to be able to present the products to the client and at the same time to maintain a clear and simple background to avoid clutter. This way the background remains as discreet as possible in order to allow the product to come into sight. b) linear lit elements on the floor, wall and ceiling arise from the idea of movement, which is particularly dominant in such an area as the Limassol marina. This movement is transferred into the entire concept via the linear lighting, which contrasts the white surfaces. c) with clear frameless glass on the facade, in combination with smart lighting, the entire store becomes the display window for the pedestrians. In essence, the display product is the shop itself, where the passing crowd can experience the design and product while still being outside the store.

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