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Illumidental Clinic Nicosa

The Dental Clinic





Nicosia, Cyprus


Daniela Schiza 

When commissioned with this project, the main goal was to create a unique environment that amplifies emotions of tranquillity and content to visitors of the clinic; thus disconnecting from the subconscious emotional associations many of us have between dentistry and pain. In essence, the aim was to exceed the standards of a typical dental clinic and transform it into a place where the patient would pursue to visit.


White is the dominant colour in the two infirmaries, which, apart from the technologically advanced equipment and the convenient functional configuration, they are designed to provide a sense of cleanliness, safety and relaxation to the patient. In the communal areas a combination of light coloured wood and vegetation enhances the entire space with an organic and natural ambience. Specifically, The Revitalization Wall –a double-height space surfaced with a vertical wall of greenery and vegetation.

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