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The Kuutio Resort





Paphos, cyprus

The concept derives from a set of four key-words: Calmness | Mystery | Reflections | Luxury. Each of these words is embedded throughout the entire design process, following a particular architectural language, which will eventually define the visitors’ overall experience. In essence, architecture becomes an intimate environment to the visitor and hence, a means of creating memories.


Natural elements such as local vegetation (olive trees, palms, etc), continuous water surfaces, are features that enhance the feeling of tranquillity in space, inner or outer. In addition, as architects we aim to equilibrate the element of calmness by inducing the feeling of adventure and mystery. This is achieved by driving the pedestrians through consecutive alterations between tall, dry walls, in contrast to open areas that provide wide views of water and vegetation. The goal is to make the overall experience to the visitors more interesting by stimulating their senses, or by creating conditions associated with wellness, relaxation etc. Reflections, mainly achieved by large water surfaces, configure captured images in the viewer’s mind, which are certainly associated with relaxing and pleasant moments, and eventually imprint delightful memories to people, even long after their visit at the resort.

The ‘Arc’ is a dominant architectural element in the buildings concept, which derives from the traditional Cypriot architecture. In this case, it is used not only for aesthetic reasons, but it is slightly transformed and manipulated in order to serve multiple scopes. Most of these scopes are heading towards the desired sun direction, since sun is mainly the reason Cyprus constitutes a popular touristic destination, while simultaneously, introducing significant amount of natural lighting into the space. Moreover, arc is articulated and directed towards the most optimum views of the site, while at the same time it retains the desired privacy of each room accordingly.

The landscape is configured into multiple levels, as natural contours, overlooking towards the Mediterranean Sea. It retains a continuous organic form, thus enhancing the natural character of the entire development. On the contrary, the buildings can be described as bold, solid volumes, with a distinctive monumental character, resting on top of the organically formed water element, enhancing the reflecting effects and the sense of relaxation. However, the contradiction between building volumes and landscape provides an architectural equilibrium to the entire composition.

The Paphos Tourist resort is located within the coastal area of Yeroskipou, a rapidly developing touristic district, and is anticipated to constitute a significant pole of attraction to the wider area of Paphos.

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