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Kakudmi Library London

Raivata Kakudmi Library



Concept Development


London, UK 

Europe's urban transformation over the past centuries has witnessed London’s evolution to become one of the major cultural capitals of the world. The city has been the birth place of some of the world’s most prominent classic and scholarly figures who have constituted symbols of art and literature through the rapid technological, demographic and cultural changes of the city.
Located in one of the world’s most remarkable urban parks – Hyde Park – the library will serve as a landmark to both locals and visitors alike; a congregation point for people to learn, socialize, play, feel and dream. To bring this into fruition, the intention is to integrate the building within the park’s landscape, ensuring it blends with the environment seamlessly. The library stows all the facilities on two opposing sides, divided by a grand passage that serves as a distribution point to various other interactions, while simultaneously ensuring the visitor’s initial route and sequence of views remain unobstructed.
In response to modern day’s rapid technological development, the new public library is called to be a symbolic representation of the historic and literary character of the city, as well as to be an international contemporary cultural centre. Therefore, the concept establishes a building which aims to highlight and synthesise the relationship between the historical and the future cultural impact of the city of London. Architectural elements, such as form, materials and spatial distribution, converge together to celebrate history, future and everything in between.
The late 20th century has witnessed the presentation of literary works evolve from print to digital. The design presented here makes a statement to both preserve, and transmit to future generations the historical significance of printed literature, as well as to look ahead to an era of emergent technologies which will boost the cultural cultivation of people to its peak.

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