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The Magnathermia



Competition entry




Maria Mingallon

The American Petroleum Institute estimated the world's oil supply to be depleted during the second half of the 21st century.This fact. combined to the need for generating clean energy highlights the importance of alternative and geothermal energy sources. Indonesia has around 130 active volcanoes and 25 geyser sites., but is only using 0.5 GW of its estimated potential of 28 GW (40% of the world's potential). By 2025 it is aiming at producing more than 9 GW of geothermal power.

We respond to such a need from an architect's point of view, integrating engineering knowledge to a global framework designed as an autonomous plant, conceiving Magnathermia. Comprising the many functions needed for power production moulded in an organic form, this geothermal power plant is adaptable to its environment, marking It as a semantic landmark expressing man's imprint in nature.

Magnathermia is a polyvalent concept with different morphologies proper to volcano sites, active or passive, but also for geyser sites In flat lands. The project forms part of a competition entry for the annual Evolo competition, partaking in this process is a vital part of the MSSM process, ensuring our work continues to investigate research methods and workflows for conceptual projects, allowing our creative mindsets to run free.

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