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Manawakatobi House

The Manawakatobi



Concept development


wakatobi, indonesia

The projects aim is to reflect the assimilation of two unique tribes that have coexisted with one another in the Wakatobi District for many centuries. The significance of food production (whether marine of agriculture) for both tribes is pivotal to their survival as a people, as well as its effects on the longevity of their cultures in its past, present and future. Therefore, a self-sufficient structure plays key to reflect the tribe’s rich agrarian history, where food, water and resources are integrated within the design of the dwelling, reflecting the history of the peoples while simultaneously maintaining a degree of sustainability that exemplifies the tribe’s plight in solidifying and maintaining their values. Utilising locally resourced materials, the structure aims to ensure it is adapted to its environment through minimal interventions, thus acting as a unit that is integrated to its surroundings through a hierarchy of different scales and functions.

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