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Monolithic House Jakarta

The Monolithic





semarang, indonesia


Revano satria

sonny sandjaya

As with all of our projects, one of the primary driving forces for the design of the monolithic house was the client. However, unlike typical design approaches where the client's requirements were given most importance, for the monolithic house it was the client's personality that significantly drove the concept of the project. It is essential for us to create a design that is unique, however more importantly, it is crucial that the built structure holds great meaning for the primary user as the longevity of the project is determined by the end user's interaction with the structure over an extended period and not only a brief one. We believe that in order to achieve this, the client's personality and character must be reflected in every aspect of the design, both on the interior and exterior.


The client highly valued his privacy and so the first design challenge became apparent, how do you create an internal space that is flooded with natural light, while simultaneously maintaining minimal interaction between the internal and external. Minimising openings at the lower levels of the house, while maximising sunlight from higher elevations not only allowed us to maintain the client’s privacy, but the solar angles achieved created incredibly naturally lit spaces throughout the interior. This consequently allowed us to cater for another one of the client's passions, his love for gardens and outdoor spaces that he could enjoy without having to sacrifice his privacy. Thus, an internal dry garden was designed in the upper floors of the structure taking advantage of the abundance of natural light available.


Materiality was a significant tool that we did not want to neglect, rather than the conventional plastered aesthetics synonymous with the regions architecture, we wanted to characterise the exterior with having a modernist style that took great advantage of one of the purest materials in a modernists arsenal, bare and untreated concrete.


The interplay of colour, light and materials throughout the interior and exterior of the house is what creates what we like to call "The Home's DNA", the code that is inspired by the client's personality and translated to one that has bought the house to life. It is this that we are most proud of and what will ensure the longevity of the structure for decades to come.

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