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The Phalosa





Bali, Indonesia

Inspired by the fluidity of the waves, the Phalosa Hotel and Resort was designed to create a welcoming experience to visitors on the shores of Bali. The soothing atmosphere of the soft curves of the building geometry, and the fully glazed facades, extend the interior spaces to the serene sea, and the colourful sunsets.

The hotel is enveloped around the central feature of the infinity pool, forming its own oasis of calm. The SPA experience is enhanced by the panoramic views, contemporary choice of materials and state of the art facilities.

The resort’s location played a defining role in the conceptual development of the design. The objective was to maintain low rise geometries, minimising interruption to Bali’s coastal skyline yet ensure that each guest in the resort has an experience that is heavily influenced by the views out to the sea. The ‘C’ shaped geometry ensures this, allowing for a unique experience to each guest depending on the angle of the room (and the unique views) they arrive at.

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