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The Promenade







-Milad Showkatbakhsh

-Studio libani


Kuwait has experienced somewhat of a health and exercise ‘revolution’ in the past decade, where more and more people elect to spend time outdoors rather than indoors, a revolution that actually relates to Kuwait’s rich history of living, working, commuting and socialising in the open. One location of which that has been a landmark in Kuwait for outdoor activities is the Scientific Centre Promenade, as such, we find it imperative that the developed design continues to encourage this by creating an inviting environment that encourages Kuwait’s population to continue enjoying the outdoors through a range of different functions and activities that are distributed throughout. More importantly however, we incorporate within this the demand for pushing Kuwait towards another revolution –  a scientific ‘revolution’, one where the thirst for education and scientific research is sought after by both Kuwait’s residents as well as international visitors across all ages and backgrounds, highlighting the significance of the work carried out by KFAS (and sister organisations) that has (and continues to) propel Kuwait’s scientific standing throughout the world.


The urban and landscape strategy responds to the Kuwait Funds for Advanced Sciences vision of creating an innovative model in urban planning in the gulf. The main premise of reworking the circulation network is the optimization of open shared public spaces and providing favorable conditions for a collective life in the outdoors, therefore reducing the reliance on cars on the long term.  By treating the landscape as a platform for performative soft infrastructure, sustainable and resilient to climate change, the urban and landscape concept rotates around 3 main pillars; socio-economic infrastructure, green infrastructure and smart mobility and connectivity


By achieving all three strategies, the district builds a knowledge-focused community that the Kuwait Fund for Advanced Sciences aims to achieve as it allows visitors of the promenade to experience science, technology and innovation in real time throughout the different spaces of the site. The proposed district circulation and urban layout is a highly flexible system with unobstructed fluidity allowing for provisional densification in the future.

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