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The Recovery



Competition entry




Maria Mingallon

Natural disasters are generally negatively considered and frequently understood as an 'end' rather than as a 'beginning'. We do not usually associate them with what they really are: another one of the numerous cycles of Nature. While there is destruction in natural disasters, there are also new formations and opportunities that emerge as a result.

Natural disasters are no more than 'environmental stresses' contributing towards the evolution of species, pushing them to develop highly efficient defense mechanisms.

We therefore embrace natural disasters as mechanisms to push further our society. A world without natural disasters would have weakened our intrinsic survival instincts. Instead, we are ready to deal with them just as another natural cycle, like we understand there is need for storm water tanks to evacuate water during a storm.

The Recovery project forms part of a competition entry for the annual Evolo competition, partaking in this process is a vital part of the MSSM process, ensuring our work continues to investigate research methods and workflows for conceptual projects, allowing our creative mindsets to run free.

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