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Biomimetic Root Systems

The Root



Ongoing Research

The uses of biomimicry in modern day design have significantly increased due to our ability to further our understanding of nature through technological advances. The analysis and examination of these ‘natural’ systems are proving to be exceedingly essential as a reference for optimization and adaptation of design systems within all scales. The following research analyses the self-organization and growth properties of root systems and the efficient manner by which the system utilizes all of the tools ‘at hand’. However, a comprehensive understanding of this logic cannot be achieved solely through literature research; hence we exploit the potential of computational analysis to further our understanding of this incredibly intricate system. The final, yet most important task engages the opportunity of applying the research within the design field. The paper attempts to investigate the most efficient uses of this logic, that will provide a highly performative, as well as efficient, application for both optimization and adaptation.


Self-organization of natural systems draws attention to the efficiency by which these systems react with the environment. The development of root systems is established with respect to the performance of the different tasks that will benefit the system as a whole. The concept of biomimetics is to understand the underlying logic of these natural systems and propose different methods of implementation, in this case, pertaining to the architectural field. The hierarchy within the system creates levels of adaptation, thus leading to the utilization and layering of all the tools at hand. Literature research is not enough for a complete and comprehensive understanding of the system; this must be complimented with a digital translation, thus leading to an analysis regarding the respective area of research. With respect to biomimicry, the underlying logic must be understood and implemented rather than the translation and imitation of the physical form of the system being studied.

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