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Salura Indonesia

The Salura



Competition Proposal


Salura, Indonesia

The design was inspired through a single archetypal item that represents both the formal as well as informal aspects of education. A single sheet of paper… Nothing more and nothing less. Although to some may seem negligible, it is this single sheet of paper that has defined mankind from its earliest stages to the magnificent industrial grandeur we have achieved (and continue to achieve) today. To some, a blank sheet of paper is an analogy to the thirst that we strive for in order to gain new knowledge, thus ensuring we fill this sheet with information that is beneficial for the present and future. This has been prevalent throughout mankind’s history; paper has been used as a tool to catalogue ideas that have been passed between countless generations without impediment. A tool that remains powerful today as it has been millennia ago.


In Indonesia, a single sheet of paper takes another form; it shapes the minds of the youth by providing them with the most simplistic and purest of all activities, the creation of the paper airplane; a simple concept that challenges the youth to be creative and original, all with the simple folding of a sheet of paper. A pastime that remains in the hearts of many Indonesians, where when thought of, brings a strong sense of nostalgia to older generations that relive their childhoods through witnessing today’s youth follow in their footsteps by recreating an entrancing dance between the air and that which is most simple, a sheet of paper. Who would think that such a simple artifact would serve as the source for such great joy.


As such, the geometrical inspiration for the design is derived from the folding morphology of a sheet of paper, one that creates several distinct angles culminating in a series of micro-spaces that incorporate the simplicity, functionality and aesthetics of a folding structure. One that creates a space that is uninterrupted, allowing the users to walk freely and communicate with the different characteristics of the space without any impediment. Most importantly, the design ensures the user gains a sense of appreciation for the environmental impact of wind and sun on shaping the geometry and the composition of the different crevasses and streaks created by it. 

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