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Stephanie Wirawan

Stephanie Wirawan is a recognized architect and designer. Her attention to detail, meticulous project management and exemplary design techniques, ensures every project by MSSM Associates reaches the highest standards, driven from her ability to motivate those around her to work in perfect harmony through various challenges in different stages of the design process.

Stephanie received her Bachelor Degree in Architecture from UNIKA University, and has been part of the MSSM team from her early beginnings as an architect. She established herself as a leader in the team and took on challenges without hesitation.

Stephanie’s distinguished career and journey with MSSM has seen her rise to become part of the MSSM leadership team, reaching the level of Associate and becoming the principle architect for the Surabaya branch of MSSM Associates. 

Stephanie's ethos is that attention to detail, coupled with a disciplined and finely tuned project management approach, is the key to a successful architect. It is these principles that Stephanie uses to motivate her team to excel throughout their work.

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